Management Team

Veera Kukkurainen

MSc, Laboratory Project Manager

Veera Kukkurainen has over a 5 years of experience of innovation, research and development field in the area of biotechnology. Veera has worked as a team leader and a researcher within a biotechnology laboratory by leading operational laboratory functions, biological research, and development projects to ensure the processes and analysis meet the quality requirements set by customers and regulatory authorities. Currently Veera is responsible of managing operational functions in TILT’s internal laboratory, supporting in CMC-related projects and tasks, such as supply chain management, storage, and distribution and supporting in managing clinical trial samples.

Akseli Hemminki

MD, PhD, eMBA, Founder & CEO and Member of the Board of Directors

Aino Kalervo

MSc, MS, Chief Business Officer

Kari Varkila

MD, PhD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer

Tuija Keinonen

PhD, Chief Regulatory Officer, Chair of the Board of Directors

Suvi Sorsa

PhD, VP of Clinical Affairs

Víctor Cervera-Carrascón

PhD, VP of Business Development

Elina Haavisto

MSc, Head of CMC Regulatory Affairs

Claudia Kistler

PhD, Head of Clinical Operations

Riikka Havunen

PhD, Head of R&D

João Manuel Santos

PhD, Head of Immunology

Cristina Pereira

PhD, Head of Manufacturing

Henrik Roosvall

Business Operations Manager

James Clubb

MSc, Project Manager

Remi Gloeckler

PhD, CMC Advisor