The Company’s ambition is to transform patient outcomes in cancer, especially those where there are limited options, and the cancer often reoccurs with resistance.

TILT’s CEO and founder, Akseli Hemminki, has pioneered individualized use of oncolytic immunotherapy, treating almost 300 patients with ten different types of oncolytic viruses.

The Company has all the regulatory approvals in place and a phase I trial is ongoing in Finland (with open sites at the Helsinki University Hospital and the Docrates Cancer Center). Additionally a phase 1 clinical trial for melanoma in Herlev Hospital (Denmark) and the University Hospital Centre Nantes (France) is also oingoing. The trials are designed to recruit 15-20 patients, with results from the trials due in 2022. To find out more information on the trials please go to:

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TILT-123 can be administered by intravenous, intratumoral, intraperitoneal and intrapleural injection. See how IT injection works in practice:

TILT Biotherapeutics technology is based on work developed at the Cancer Gene Therapy Group at the University of Helsinki.

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