Boosting the body’s ability
to fight cancer by designing
next generation oncolytic


Our patented TILT® technology, based on oncolytic viral therapies, modifies the tumour microenvironment and eliminates its ability to suppress immune responses to cancer, thereby enhancing T-cell therapies such as checkpoint inhibitors and CAR T therapies.

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We have multiple best-in-class oncolytic viral therapies. In our pipeline, our lead therapeutic asset, TILT-123, is a cytokine armed oncolytic adenovirus that is currently in Phase 1 clinical trials as monotherapy and in combination with tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) therapy in Europe.

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Our pioneering approach has been recognized by industry leaders including Germany’s Merck KGaA and the USA’s Pfizer (Merck-Pfizer Alliance), and MSD International GmbH.

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Akseli Hemminki, Founder and CEO


“Our vision is to become the leading company globally in oncolytic immunotherapy for enabling therapies based on T cells, such as immune checkpoint inhibitors and adoptive cell therapies, thereby providing potentially curative treatment options for cancer patients.”