Management Team

Akseli Hemminki

MD, PhD, eMBA, Founder & CEO and Member of the Board of Directors

Akseli Hemminki is the founder, CEO and Member of the Board of TILT Biotherapeutics, and Professor of Oncology at the University of Helsinki. In addition to his world leading medical and scientific track record with oncolytic viruses, Akseli has solid experience with founding, financing, and operation of biotech firms. Akseli founded TILT in 2013, rapidly securing multiple rounds of seed financing.

Prior to founding TILT, he had co-founded Oncos Therapeutics Ltd (currently Targovax ASA), a company involved in the clinical development of oncolytic viruses. Akseli served as Chairman of the Board, Chief Scientific Officer, and Board member at Oncos. He also pioneered individualized patient-by-patient use of oncolytic immunotherapy under the EU Advanced Therapy Directive, and personally treated around 300 patients using 10 different oncolytic adenoviruses. He continues to see cancer patients giving him hands-on knowledge in clinical application of immuno-oncology.

Akseli has authored nearly 300 peer-reviewed manuscripts or book chapters on cancer research and oncolytic viruses, many of them published in the best journals of the field. He has been involved in a dozen clinical trials in Europe and U.S. He is also an inventor on >10 patent applications relating to oncolytic viruses, including all of TILT´s patents.

Aino Kalervo

MSc, MS, Chief Operating Officer

Kari Varkila

MD, PhD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer

Tuija Keinonen

PhD, Chief Regulatory Officer, Chair of the Board of Directors

Juha Pihlman

BSc, CFO consultant

Suvi Sorsa

PhD, VP of Clinical Affairs

Víctor Cervera-Carrascón

PhD, VP of Business Development

Hanna Kirk

MSc, VP of Product Development

Riikka Havunen

PhD, VP of Operations

John Goldfinch

MBA, CRM, US Clinical Lead

Elina Haavisto

MSc, Head of CMC Regulatory Affairs

Claudia Kistler

PhD, Head of Clinical Operations

João Manuel Santos

PhD, Head of Translational Medicine

Henrik Roosvall

BSc, Business Operations Manager

James Clubb

MSc, Project Manager

Dafne Quixabeira

PhD, Project Manager

Katja Saarikko

Operations Coordinator

Sini Raatikainen

MSc, Lab Manager

Sanae Zahraoui

Supply Chain Manager

Lyna Haybout

MD, Medical Monitor

Minna Oksanen

MSc, Office Manager

Remi Gloeckler

PhD, CMC Advisor