Management Team

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Suvi Sorsa

PhD, Head of Clinical Research

Head of Clinical Research, Suvi Sorsa, has extensive experience in cancer biology and gene therapy, especially with oncolytic viruses. Suvi has a PhD from the Cancer Gene Therapy Group (Helsinki, Finland), has worked at Ark Therapeutics, and has co-authored dozens of scientific papers with an emphasis on tumor immunotherapy. Suvi is responsible for clinical research, protocols and clinical sample analysis.  Suvi has been closely involved in the entire development of TILT´s oncolytic viruses, from preclinical studies, through regulatory review, and now transitioning into clinical development.

Akseli Hemminki

MD, PhD, eMBA, Founder & CEO and Chairman of the Board

Aino Kalervo

MSc, MS, Chief Business Officer

Kari Varkila

MD, PhD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer

Tuija Keinonen

PhD, Chief Regulatory Officer

Elina Haavisto

MSc, Head of CMC Regulatory Affairs

Claudia Kistler

PhD, Head of Clinical Operations

Víctor Cervera-Carrascón

M.Pharm, Head of Immunology

Riikka Havunen

PhD, Head of R&D

Riikka Kalliokoski

Bachelor of Social and Health Care, Lab manager

João Manuel Santos

MSc, Head of Cell Therapy

Remi Gloeckler

PhD, CMC Advisor